Saturday, July 23, 2011

And So On

"Trout was aware of me, too, what little he could see of me. I made him even more uneasy than Dwayne did. The thing was: Trout was the only character I ever created who had enough imagination to suspect that he might be the creation of another human being. He has spoken of this possibility several times to his parakeet. He had said, for instance, 'Honest to God, Bill, the way things are going, all I can think of is that I'm a character in a book by somebody who wants to write about somebody who suffers all the time.'"

From Breakfast of Champions (1973) by Kurt Vonnegut. I finally read this. If you haven't, don't waste any time. Get thee to a library or bookstore. Or just download it, whatever the kids are doing these days, heh heh. Phil, you were so right!

"It's marvelous... He wheels out all the complaints about America and makes them seem fresh, funny, outrageous, hateful and lovable." The New York Times.

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