Sunday, July 3, 2011

Queens and Sunshine

I'm sitting typing this in my newly overhauled studio. It's not *quite* ready for its photograph, but it's very workable and I love it. No glare on my laptop screen, no dust being blown in on the desk. I feel very good here, and look forward to many hours of creative playtime.

It's a spectacular Canada Day weekend in Toronto, with the weather hot and dry. I went on my power walk this morning (I hate the term, but it suits), and worked up a satisfying... "glow." Between working on my studio and glowing and socializing, I've been watching the Royal Tour.

As with any other Royal wedding I woke early on April 29 and was surprisingly taken with the proceedings. Kate's poise was yet more proof that good carriage and manner have absolutely nothing to do with breeding or some other genetic throwback. What pride those Middleton parents must have felt in those hours: the one daughter marrying a future king, the other wafting elegantly up the aisle in that slinky dress while wrangling two three-year-olds, and their son reading the lesson with great poise. Like many others I suspect, the last few years I have become disenchanted with the whole idea of a monarchy. I've been siding with the journalist who told us that it had become a human rights issue, that just because you fell from a certain womb, your entire future was predetermined. In our modern society it seems a bizarre and cruel idea.

The only solution in my mind is for Britain's monarchy to scale right back, and - on this tour - it looks like it is happening. The atmosphere in the cities that William and Kate have visited is electric. They are young, attractive, user-friendly, and modest. Their star power is also something wonderful.

This first joint overseas tour is - so far - a stunning success. If they mean to continue the way they start, the concept of a monarchy, of something other than political, might actually continue to work, and better than it has for a while.

Speaking of royalty, Toronto concludes a week-long celebration of acceptance for our gay lesbian, bi and transgendered friends with the stunning Pride parade, one of the biggest around. One million people are estimated to have filled the streets of Toronto, as Pride is an event for all, especially families of all sorts, and it's a great, great atmosphere that promotes acceptance, inclusion and the right to party!

Unfortunately Toronto's new mayor, Rob Ford, proves once again his oafishness (he's vilely pro-car, anti-public transit and bikes) and did not attend the parade. All recent mayors have as have other sensible politicians, either because they believe in it, or at least are politically astute enough to want to appear that way. Not Ford, who claimed it was his tradition to visit his family's cottage each Canada Day weekend. But... there was an entire week of Pride events before the parade which he also avoided, so his excuses sounded - and were - unfortunate. He's also on record as only supporting what he describes as "traditional" marriage. Pride is a huge deal in Toronto and for a politician or leader of any kind not to at least recognize the value of it in tourism dollars is so short-sighted.

But you know what? It was a better party without him, and hopefully most of our voters will have figured that out in three years time. Oust the oaf! Although, the next mayoral election will take place *after* Toronto hosts World Pride in 2014. Sigh...


Capt'n Luke said...

Sounds like a fine Mayor, a fine mayor indeed. Marriage by definition is the union between a man and a woman. Now one may try to call a goose a duck, but after all it is still a goose.

Blog Princess G said...

Time to update the ole definition. Now, honestly, dreade Captain Luke, I'm sure you're just trying to get a rise out of me!