Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beautiful Bench

On a recent day trip out of the city, we saw this striking bench in Uxbridge, Ontario. The large iron leaves were surprisingly comfortable, and we delighted at the many details that went in to it, all in memory of a much-loved woman. Here was the evidence, engraved into one of the leaves that formed the back rest:

For you Mom
Marilyn I. Shier
Our Love
Forever & Always
Sherri & Cynthia Siegrist


Bill said...

Makes a person wonder, "Have I made a difference, will someone take the time to honor/memorialize me when I'm dead?"

R.A.D. Stainforth said...

I love the benches dedicated to the memory of people who enjoyed a view, a park, a hillside, or an open space ... I sometimes wonder where there might be a bench dedicated to me ... probably in a pub ...

Blog Princess G said...

Bill: It's a good thought. I imagine I'll be forgotten pretty quickly, and that's ok. The world will go on without me (how dare it!)

RAD: Same here, especially on a path they particularly loved. If you go before me, I'll be sure to visit your pub chair and raise a pint to you.

Bill said...

Also, no cup holders?