Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Staff of Life

Remember my enthusiasm for that bread I bought at my last cottage holiday in the Kawarthas?

I found the bakery! During a long cottage weekend this fall, we drove past a sign that said Apsley Country Bakery, eerily close to Apsley, the village where I had found the bread before. And, lo - there it was! The husband and wife team are great bakers and lovely people.

I cannot say enough about this bread. We tried the ciabatta for lunch while looking over the lake.

We went back. I bought many loaves of the ciabatta and the grainy and here they are (not a great picture), just before being sliced and re-bagged (what else was I to do with it all?) ready for freezing.

If you're in the area... please try this bread. Truly, the staff of life.

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Betsy said...

yum...those loaves look so good..and what a great idea to stock up your freezer!