Sunday, November 27, 2011


It rained today, with that soft, permanent feeling that made me think of England. I spent happy hours in my study.

Years ago I collected, as is my way, a fine supply of fallen birchbark (never to be peeled off the tree, that would be like skinning it! Ugh), and pinecones, both big and tiny. They have sat in a paper bag for a long, long time.

Today I took an ugly glass vase and covered it in birchbark. I love the result. My nature treasures have transformed a useful, but plain, object, bringing more of the outdoors that I love into my very urban, ninth floor home.

Making the mess was half the fun. The little pinecones have inspired me... I'm seeing a small gingerbread house with pinecone shrubs around it, and pussywillow thatch atop it.

The bark peeled in layers, revealing the soft pink within.

The lovely red paper bags that you get when you shop at the Bay make wonderful storage for things you want to let breathe. There's also something... oh, very reminiscent of the outdoors about that brilliantly reinvigorated brand. I hung some mini cones from the top of the vase.

A copse of little cones.

In its place.

Lunch was vegetarian chili, the left of the big batch I made and froze. With it I enjoyed some vegetarian Indian chickpea treats. So nummy.

Dessert was the last of the dainty and strong lady apples, seen below against a honeycrips. I love apple season! They're so small, these lady apples, which proves again how small versions of almost anything are adorable: cupcakes, babies... etc.

On my walk there were very few bursts of colour. This was one of them.

And now... a nap is in order.


Betsy said...

You would pay a small fortune for that vase if you found it in a quaint little shop! How wonderful!

Pussy Willow thatched roof? Oh my...that sounds so charming! :)

Zuzana said...

I love birch tree bark so I enjoyed your beautiful crafts endlessly.;)
Love your meal(s) too and your pictures create a true atmosphere.;)
Happy end of November dear G.;)

Blog Princess G said...

Thank you both, ladies. :)

The Clever Pup said...

chickpea treats that melt in your mouth. Nummy indeed.Your tableau is fantastic.

Blog Princess G said...

Well, they *were* nummy, then I got some kind of weird bug and my appetite temporarily disappeared, emphasis on "temporarily." You can get them in No Frills.