Monday, November 28, 2011

Thomas Foster's Taj Mahal

As you drive north of Uxbridge, Ontario, you'll come across a gob-smacking structure, the Thomas Foster Memorial Temple. Built in 1935, it was inspired by the Taj Mahal, holds the body of Foster, his wife and daughter, and plays host to weddings, concerts and other events. A stunner in every way, it caught me and my friend Dave off guard the first time we saw it. We included it in one of the three car rallies we organized, and have never forgotten it. On a day trip recently, I visited it again with my friend Barbara and, not able to get inside (and it's amazing in there) we took a load of pictures of the outside.


The Clever Pup said...

Hey G.

What a thing! I read most of the link and I think he must have been extremely canny with real estate to have been able to afford this in the dirty 30s. The woman that created the stained glass ended up living in my home town of Parry Sound. It's also really interesting that the building, which is essentially a mausoleum, has concerts and events. I think it's great.

Blog Princess G said...

That's an interesting question... he was also a politician. The building is so well made, you can tell, of the sort of quality you don't expect these days. Did you read the article about Toronto's glass condominiums and how short their life span is expected to be?

I'd love to attend an even at this place one day.