Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hmm, mmm mmmm.... hmmmm...

... was the mood of the evening as I finally finished writing Christmas cards. I think the ones headed for international destinations run the risk of arriving after Christmas, but we are in Advent, and Christmas only starts on December 25 (or 24 for some). I love the process of finding cards I love, writing them, stamping them, sealing and the pleasure of sending handfuls of them into the postbox on the corner. And yes, I send real cards. I also e-mail Christmas news to everyone, but the cards are real. I suppose the time and cost are contributing to why fewer people are sending them. I will keep doing so. But, tonight, before writing the last batch, I fortified myself with some steamed broccoli and wontons in the broth I cooked the night before from some organic chicken (the second batch of the week, the first batch is frozen, ready to be used for a soup I'm making as a first course for Christmas dinner). So relaxing, it was amazing I was able to write after that. And as for writing, what has happened to my penmanship? Years of keyboarding has left it challenged. Then I wrapped some presents. Afterwards, I rewarded myself with clementines and tiny Lindt dark chocolate balls.

Oh, and I listened to the soundtrack to The Piano (1993). And now I'm off to bed. And most likely won't blog again until the weekend. Busy time, good time.


Zuzana said...

Oh, I loved this post! You know, I used to have all these Christmas ceremonies and one of them was writing Christmas cards. This year everything is thrown of track, as I am trying to establish my place and new traditions in my new life.;) I love every aspect of it, but I am finding myself so out of time - that is a novel feeling for me.;)
Still I hope to get to write my cards this weekend. I made them all myself, and I agree on the sentiments.;)
You know, I have a very similar candle holder as the one in your image, with the stars.;))

DCW said...

Those wontons look wanton and I'm wantin'. Delicious picture, love the feeling but music from "The Piano", although beautiful, seems a bit lonely compared to the wecoming mood of your candles and confections.

Gloria said...

all look awesome:)

Blog Princess G said...

Zuzana, I think traditions are lovely, as long as we can be flexible with them, giving up some when their time has come, introducing new ones. I so love how your life has brought new adventure to you. :)

DCW: The Piano is a little mournful, it's true, but I am of a slightly melancholy nature, but... love sparkly things too. Hee hee!

Gloria: Thank you, you ace cook!