Tuesday, January 24, 2012

As for Dessert Options

I'm planning a dinner. What to serve for dessert?

Pondering my kitchen shelves, obscenely groaning with chocolate, I noticed the jar of Barlett pears in Triple Sec that I was given for Christmas... had fantasies of excellent vanilla ice-cream and Soma-based Mayan spicy chocolate drizzled on top... then I saw another gift I received which was home-made by a very clever woman: Belle Hélène, the ingredients of which are bartlett pears, sugar, orange and lemon juice, and bittersweet chocolate. I think I see a happy marriage. Tick off the list.


Betsy said...

what time is dinner? (she says as she digs out her passport...) ha.

Blog Princess G said...

Hee hee! Let me know when you're visiting Toronto, Ms Betsy.