Friday, January 20, 2012

Day Trip: Durham Region

Such blue sky... what a treat to be blinded by it!

Almost as blinding is the new "old" Roxy Cinema in Uxbridge. I think I could live here.

The fireplace in the Hobby Horse Arms, also in Uxbridge, my favourite out-of-town pub.

I was playing with the setting on my new camera when I snapped the best burger I've ever had.

The Hobby Horse boasts an "immense" collection of scotches. I think it used to be the largest in North America. No worries - no complaints from me!

The best burger ever notwithstanding, we then ended up at this blog's favourite Armenian family's home for another AMAZING MEAL!


Anonymous said...

Those of us who live around here prefer to use the correct term - Durham Region...This is a regional municipality, not a county. Sounds like nitpicking but it's home!

Blog Princess G said...

I stand corrected Anonymous. It's important to have your home well IDd. :)

Suza said...

Burger looks simply amazing! So does Uxbridge... what a beautiful blue sky that day. Sounds like you're enjoying your new camera!

Blog Princess G said...

Suza: that burger was DIVINE.