Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some Christmas Piccies

The best Christmas cookies ever... meltingly mouth-watering. Thenkingk you, Preencess N!

I love real Christmas cards. This year there were fewer than ever and yet more e-cards. I went to a friend's house and she had gazillions of cards! I was so impressed and then she told me that she keeps her favourites from year to year and puts them all out. I like that! A beautiful card is something I treasure.

Christmas morning breakfast, with the requisite buttered panettone.

Oh, a bulgy stocking! Is that a Soma package I see on top? Why yes... yes it is. Hee hee!

The Christmas table. I found musical-themed crackers. Here was the idea: each cracker contained a little tootly pipe, set at a different pitch from all the others. The conductor (me) had a tabulated guide, and would point at each person (who had numbers stuck to their foreheads) to prompt them to toot their horn, the idea being that beautiful music would be made. It wasn't. We laughed till our sides ached.

One too many cosmos.

The advent candle was a remarkably powerful visual, reminding me of how quickly the days were going. It's age isn't it?


R.A.D. Stainforth said...

I really like the Grauniad g on the wall ... but that's you isn't it ...

Zuzana said...

Beautiful holiday recollection in images and words.;) I love all your candle holders and what a stunningly set table.;)
Happy 2012 dear G,

Blog Princess G said...

It is, Mr. S. It's my "g" as Grauniad as it looks.

Zuzana, and the same to you, in bucket loads of good wishes!