Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What Signifies an Optimist?

I recall the joke told me by my father, that illustrates the difference between an opimist and a pessimist: two brothers wake up Christmas morning. The pessimist finds a beautiful new train set at the foot of his bed. The optimist finds a pile of horse shit. When the pessimist is excitedly asked by his brother what he's received, he glumly replies, "Chuh, a new train set. It'll probably break down or something. What did you get?" The optimist replies: "I got a pony! But I haven't found it yet!"

Now, I was raised by a mother who had a natural intuition for healthy living and eating. Dessert was a rare instance in our home, as it is for me now, pictures of rich desserts on my blog notwithstanding. It was my job, from the age of about six to the day I left home, to lay the table for dinner. And I always - ALWAYS - put a dessert spoon on the table as well. My father thought this was so funny. But I earnestly held out hope. For over ten years I laid that dessert spoon out, and only on Christmas and Easter and birthdays and the odd Momentous Occasion would a sweet be forthcoming.

I am - despite a melancholy and romantic nature - an optimist. What marks this now? I was reminded in a comment I posted on my post regarding my missing martini shaker:

Readers, I keep a corkscrew in my desk at work.

(It has been used the odd Momentous Occasion).

So, what are you? An optimist or a pessimist? Give me an example!


Bill said...

As a child I never received either the train or the pony so it'a tough to split apart pessimism/optimism.

As an adult, good and bad things have occurred but the bad somehow leaves deeper/darker imprints.

Zuzana said...

I hope I am an optimist. I do not have a direct example of this, but the fact that I still believe in love and happy endings after all the pain I have gone through (only partly written about in my posts;) makes me believe I am leaning towards the positive side of the scale.;)
Loved the story with the desert spoon.;)

Blog Princess G said...

Thank you, both. :) Sometimes I feel I flip between both... but given half a chance, the glass is half full for me.

phil said...

I'm an eternal pessimist, but some days are good, and for a brief shining moment I become the pigeon and not the statue.

Blog Princess G said...

Phil the Pigeon... I like the sound of that.