Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wick! Eyeliner! Food! Smells!

You wouldn't think it would be this hard to find candlewick in Toronto. But I have found it very hard. So... for anyone who might be googling, here is some help!

Where can you buy candlewick in Toronto?

At the Big Carrot, Toronto's magnificent health food store on Danforth Avenue.

I was there this afternoon stocking up on some excellent supplies, and was gobsmacked to find my needed candlewick right there in the beauty section. I had given up finding it in Toronto. De Serres carries small quantities, and always seem to be out of stock when I need some. I haven't tried Michaels as I'm nowhere near one. I also got some lovely soft organic eyeliner too... my solo day of errands and exploring was very satisfying.

Tonight I cooked for the week ahead: organic lamb sausages in a delicious oniony/passata/garlic/rosemary base. And some organic chicken thighs, roasted with a delicious mustard/honey/coriander/mustard-seed/olive oil baste.

Home smells like heaven tonight.


Bill said...

Pssst. There's a guy who hangs out at the corner of Knox and Eastern ... h;s there usually after 4 and he always wears a blue coat ... he goes by the name Lenny. You go there, tell I sent you ... he'll set you up with either foreign or domestic candlewick. Just bring cash.

Blog Princess G said...

Dang, wish I'd known before now, Bill.