Friday, February 17, 2012

Bill Cunningham

Very interested to read this review of Bill Cunningham New York, which I watched back in August of last year. It's tickled my interest to see it again.


Bill said...

His photos seem natural for a Big City ... what with the concrete and the polished rock facades of skyscrapers ... and almost no natural environs.

Fashion then can be preoccupations with both the wearer and observer, not because the clothes are functional but simply because their fashionable (check the calendar for what's in and out or might be in or out or was in or out).

I wonder if Cunningham has ventured into non fashionable locales? Though, by the very act of him taking pics at a truck stop or low end strip mall, I suppose, truck stop apparel would become fashionable.

Obviously I've never understood fashion or the grip fashion has the people's psyche.

Blog Princess G said...

What I love about Bill Cunningham is that he is not about in/out lists. He loves real creativity in people and true individuality, not cookie-cutter fashion followers. He's a generous soul.