Sunday, March 25, 2012

Big Cake Project 2012, Part Three

And now for the structure.

The tiles were made of chocolate, either melted dark chocolate or coloured white chocolate. The cake was a devil's food cake, very rich and chocolatey. In between the three layers, we smeared chocolate frosting.

Over the three sanwiched layers, we poured several layers of ganache. In all, four pounds of dark Callebaut chocolate and four cups of heavy cream were combined to make this protective ganache layer - my personal favourite part of the entire cake, I mean it's like truffle in spreadable form!

Pieces of parchment paper were laid on the fondant-covered cake board before the cake was built. This protected the cake board and you can see below how clean it was when we removed the paper.

Ganache was piped in shells around the base of the cake, and here you see how it dried.

We put the tiles in place and here was the finished cake. It was the heaviest cake we have ever made, rich and densely moist.

And here it is at its destination in the Croft Chapter House at the University of Toronto, where it was enjoyed by approximately 70 to 80 people.

And, just as a reminder, the original plan:

Thanks for reading along! We're already excited about next year's project! Thank you so much, Laura and James, for another fun and tasty collaboration. xoxo


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I know that mascot tile from your bathroom! Dave

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R said...

Another great one. Long time, no read.

Zuzana said...

I missed these posts as I was away in March, stunning masterpiece as always, I love your cake projects.;)

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Thank you for those lovely words, Zuzana! :)