Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Foggy Night

The company was excellent. We saw Potted Potter. Our group was mixed in its reactions. I laughed a lot, but if you see this be sure to take a Harry Potter nut with you, preferably a 12-year-old. Dinner after at Sushi Supreme at Yonge and Wellesely and they keep astounding us with really good food at insanely cheap prices. Four of us were stuffed for $56, before tip. We left $20 each, bemused and delighted. Lots of green-clad revellers out and about, darting like mysterious leprochauns through the fog that has ingulfed downtown Toronto. I love nights like this.


The Clever Pup said...

Saturday was a very eerie night. We had to drive to Stouffeville for a friends 50th. It was like a Stephen King film. I kept telling my husband, "it'll burn off when we get away from the lake" and it didn't. Unforgettable. G, if you are volunteering for Medecins Sans Frontiers and I hung up on, you I apologize.

G said...

Crazy fog! The next morning was even more so but I have yet to post that picture.

No, I don't volunteer for MSF, so I'm glad you didn't hang up on me! :)