Friday, March 16, 2012

In Which I Visit my Favourite City Beach at Sunset and go all Bashful

The great film director John Ford remarked that a wide scenic shot should be framed to show a horizon either very low on the screen or very high.


Mr. Ford, I cannot be tamed by mere rules!

And of course, no visit to Cherry Beach would be complete without the little shack being photographed by yours truly.

A couple squatted down to talk to a swan. I can't abide photographing people for my blog without their consent, but they're pretty unidentifiable and it's a sweet picture. If they ever happen to stumble across my blog, I hope they'll forgive my intrusion.

The ambling along the shore as the sun set did me a world of good. And then I looked up at those wonderful trees, and thought of our eerily warm winter and crazy spring-like March, and felt so bad for the trees and shoots and what we're doing for the world that I felt a need to hug one. I felt a need to hug one for my own purposes too. And so I did.

And then I felt a little shy as some people came along, and I pretended to be photographing the bark. Except I really did!

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