Saturday, March 31, 2012

One Hour

I'm posting this early today as, for Earth Hour, everything will be turned off in my home. By candlelight I will contemplate the indescribable wonderfulness that is our planet. Our great, big blue marble. Apparently our society is rife with anxiety, at least 50% of us. Here's an opportunity to just sit and breathe.

As for the mystery... it's a small pebble. There are so many of them on just Cherry Beach. Who knows how many other planets there are out there? Well, maybe Stephen Hawking does, but the thought leaves me in awe. We are caretakers, no matter how many others are out there, of a very special place.

I don't often pick things up as I think nature's treasures are best left where they are.

But this one spoke to me. I'll be wrapping it in silver wire and wearing it as a pendant to remind myself always to treat our planet with all the love and respect I can.

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