Saturday, March 10, 2012

Scents, Sunlight, Tastes, Colours

In other words, a stunning Saturday.

A couple of weeks ago I tasted the delicious broccoli, ginger and lemongrass soup at The Sandwich Box on Adelaide Street West. I attempted a recreation this morning, and it's different but it's good. I don't have quantites. I warmed onion, fresh ginger root and lemongrass in olive oil, added lots of broccoli and vegetable stock.

I had the first large mugful as I pondered cake plans.


posa26 said...

Like your it Burleigh calico?

G said...

Well done, Rodgrigo! Actually it's Burleigh "Arden." I love it.

Kathee said...

How was your soup different? Did you figure it out? Lack of sherry?

G said...

I don't recall how it was different... but I made it again this week with a lot more ginger and I think that was the key. Sherry... now there's an idea! I'll try that next time.