Tuesday, April 17, 2012

But is it Good Luck if They End up in your Bra?

I was huffing and puffing along doing my 5k, and of course I had to stop and play with the blossoms on Cherry Street. I'm not alone. There is a Japanese tradition of appreciating blossoming trees called Hanami. I believe, and I'm not sure this is Japanese or not, that having blossoms fall in to your food is also supposed to be fortunate.

Now, as crazy as last spring was, it was nothing compared to this schizophrenic weather we've been having. So no sooner had the blossoms arrived then they were frozen. Last year they were magnificent. This year, not so much, but I still couldn't resist.

I didn't picnic under them, or meditate or whatever else I might have done to exercise Hanami. But when I took my shower after I'd got home, I found petals in my bra.


Capt. Luke said...

Oh so that is where I left them. I hope you saved them because I need them back. Thanks!


G said...

What a wit you are, O Ye Oak-Ribbed, Salt-Encrusted One.