Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cloud Appreciating... Sort of

After a hot March, we are having a freezing April. Every few days the temperature drops and I fear for the latest batch of blossoms. Hang in there, lilacs - I've been waiting to ravish you and inhale you all year! Pleeeeeease!

Today was the third day of rain, but I'm not complaining: Orangeville had snow! As I walked to the beach, the sky was clearing behind me, the wind pushing me along and the rain clouds across the lake. It was pretty cold when I got there (that's me in the new profile picture, taking a break from the gusts in the protection of the larger beach hut). I thought I was in the clear, but those same winds made walking home very difficult. I was leaning into it just to stay upright.

Bruce Springsteen kept me warm.

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