Thursday, April 19, 2012


I'm listening to the divine Ms Mattila singing Schumann's Widmung (Dedication).

On Valentine's Day this year, I was fortunate to attend a moving recital, of some of Canada's best singers. The audience, "300 of the grooms' friends", were lucky to share the celebration of their wedding, on the 20th anniversary of their relationship. They've had to wait a long time to be able to do this legally. Consul Generals of three other countries attended, but I'm so proud to be a citizen of THIS country, where consenting adults can marry, same sex or not. The grooms are great fans of great music and their generosity in organizing such an event for their guests was incredible. It was pure magic.

Du meine Seele, du mein Herz,
Du meine Wonn', o du mein Schmerz,
Du mein Welt, in der ich lebe,
Mein Himmel du, darein ich schwebe,
O du mein Grab, in das hinab
Ich ewig meinem Kummer gab!

You my soul, you my heart,
You my bliss, O you my pain,
You my world in which I live,
My heaven you, wherein I float,
O you my grave, into which
I ever lowered all my cares.

The video is not important. I suggest you close your eyes, and just listen.

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