Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Dinner

Easter lunch became Easter dinner, when I found out I'd have to spend the morning in a photographer's studio selecting photographs from a shoot. Three hours later I was doing my 5km Cherry Beach walk. When I began dinner, I already had several elements that I'd prepared in the previous days. The theme... was lemon.

When I was a kid, my grandmother gave me some Beatrix Potter figurines by Beswick. I realized they would make good Easter decorations for the table.

We started with Prosecco and a potted crab with lemon that I unfortunately forgot to photograph. Rats!

The wonderful Armenians brought kibbeh for my freezer and nutty pastries for treats.

We started with pea and tarragon soup, swirled with lemon crême fraiche and topped with fresh pea shoots. All was made in advance. Don't you think the swirl looks like an old map of North America?

The main course was a Nicoise salad which I served on two separate platters. I love the chervil/parsley/Dijon/garlicky vinaigrette.

The second part of the Nicoise. Olives were in a separate little bowl on the table. See the lemon?

Dessert! I made a lemon pound cake a day before, along with little royal icing eggs. A round cut out of pound cake was drizzled with pears in Triple Sec, then dolloped softly with whipped cream and topped with the icing eggs and edible petals. My inner girly girl was very happy.

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