Wednesday, April 25, 2012

He's on the List

"I went to about 300 schools in my youth and learnt practically nothing."

Jack Cardiff was the subject of an inspiring documentary I saw recently on Turner Classic Movies. The cinematographer on such films as Powell and Pressburger's A Matter of Life and Death and Black Narcissus, he appreciated working and also participated in movies such as Conan the Destroyer and Rambo First Blood, Part II. His career was long, having started as a child actor in silent films. He was mainly self taught, and his love of fine art steered him in his career as a cinematographer. He also did some directing, but he was a master of the camera and returned there, working into his 90s.

The documentary didn't delve into his private life, but I got the impression of an intelligent man, one who I would have loved to have talked with. Have you ever played the game where you ask which six guests (anyone who ever lived in the history of the world) you would invite to a dinner party?

Jack Cardiff is on the list.

Who's on yours?


Bill said...

I had several people as influences in my various careers: Jacque Cousteau was my inspiration for studying oceanography and working in that field for a while.

I grew up looking at the art of Ansel Adams and when I left oceanography I naturally turned to photography.

Years passed and I wasn't profiting from photos so I took up furniture making, especially after seeing the beautiful work of Sam Maloof.

The awesome part for me ... I was able to meet and discuss things with all three men. My many visits to Sam's home remain major highlights of my life.

G said...

Bill, how fantastic that you met all three men!