Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Have a Short Memory

Some readers may recall the big slipcover project from 2009. I swore I wouldn't do another... except I forgot about that, and am now determined to slipcover the old, but really comfy, wingchair.

I spent the afternoon selecting a fabric, and went soooo out of my comfort zone: there is yellow involved, and flowers.

(I also found a remnant of gorgeous black leather for $1, which won't be used for the slipcover; you'd probably figured that out already; but I'm sure I could make into some sort of jewellery, maybe a choker or something. It's so soft. OK, enough of the leather rant, and back to the wingchair).

I'm not putting a timeline on this. The sofa had to be done before Christmas, but I figure this chair might take me into my summer vacation. Anyway, watch this space.

/// UPDATE ///
Life's too short. I ditched the wing chair. There'll be no slipcovering here. :)

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