Thursday, April 5, 2012


Perseverance is our watchword as we scale the snowy heights. Will we reach the summit? We can think of nothing but success. Will there be danger? Would we have it any other way?

Far from base camp now, we pitch a tent and attempt to conserve our energies for a final attempt on the peak. I admit that my resolve has weakened as I see the pathetic state of my companions.

We are down to our final rations, and - feeling done in - am surprised at the cheerful pluck on the faces of the rest of the team. They are a capital group of chums!

I can scarce believe it. Mount Knee is conquered!


Capt. Luke said...

You truly are a mut. (I certainly did something of that nature as young lad. :-)

G said...

You sound rum-soaked, O oak-ribbed one. Or did you mean "nut"? I assume you're not calling me a dawg. :)