Friday, May 4, 2012

Grateful for the Week that Was

~ The lilacs are just appearing in downtown Toronto and I shall make the most of them.

~ Walking through an unattractive section of the docklands on one of my regular 5kms, I stopped to see a large bird taking off from the canal, over the road bridge, and slowly back down. The setting sun blinded me and I thought for a moment it might be a grey heron, but it was a swan, white and beautiful in the dusk.

~ New white sandals. Any sort of white clothing feels so good in the summer, fresh and flattering.

~ I'm coming out of the work/winter funk I often find myself in this time of year and making delicious summer plans: friends, New York, Montreal, movies, cottage, music, eek!


Gloria said...

I love lilacs!!

G said...

I'm addicted, Gloria!