Friday, May 4, 2012

I Just Heard It!

The first time the ice cream truck visits our neighbourhood each spring is a wonderful moment. I just heard the same little melody it has played for years as it slowly made its way down our street. I'm not indulging, but it's a sweet moment, coupled with the gentle plop of basket balls going through hoops and the laughter of the players. That sound will continue well after dark. I may not live here forever, but I love the sound of a city neighbourhood on a mild evening.

I'm sitting in my papasan watching the sky turn beautiful colours. Magic!


Betsy said...

such a nostalgic sound...still brings back memories! We haven't had a truck in our neighborhood in many years, sadly.

G said...

It certainly does bring back memories, and even though I have no desire to run downstairs and indulge, I remember how it felt when I wanted to, and it could make my day.