Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Bedside Tables, Because, Admit it, This is the Stuff you Live for, When you're a Reader of my Blog

Ruh Roh:


 Ok, so I have a stigmata-like blister on my palm, thanks to IKEA's aluminum-foil quality screws, but the blue is surprising and perfect for the bedroom. Very pleased. And a little smug. For reference, these are Hemnes "chest with two drawers."


phil said...

That IS a great color.

I'll take 2. ;^)

G said...

:) One thing I know, Phil, that's my last IKEA construction... or it is for now, anyway. Still have the scar on my palm!

Zuzana said...

Love your new nightstand.;) And I do know of those blisters.;))
Btw, have to tell you that I love your new header image.;))

G said...

Zuzana: Thanks! I've decided to change it up each month, with images, cards, whatever, that happen to be on my bulletin board, that might be currently inspiring me.