Friday, June 29, 2012

June Trip: Flight Home

It was great to see the St. Lawrence River, the farmland, Lake Ontario, a tiny sailboat, and finally little Billy Bishop airport (not out great big, international Pearson Airport) on the lakeshore, a short drive from my home.


Conversation just as we were taking off:

M: I can't see the propellers anymore, what's happened to them?!

Me: Well, they're moving very fast, that's why you can't see them.


Me: Are you laughing at me?


They were moving fast, but my camera caught them. Clever camera.

Thank you for flying Air Ridiculous (not Porter, which is an excellent airline... I'm referencing my blog, heh heh). You may now unbuckle your seatbelts. Use caution when exiting this blog. Come back soon!


Bill said...

Rubber band powered airplanes are always special experiences.

G said...

It's only four seats across. Quite small. Lots of fun.