Sunday, June 24, 2012

June Trip: Food

I shopped, I ate, I ran. I didn't photograph all the food, but here's some of it. I ate a late lunch at Becco, one of the wonderful Lidia's restaurants, having been specifically instructed (by my friend with the sunken living-room) to have her "Symphony of Pasta." I did. It was... symphonic, especially the wild mushroom ravioli in the truffle/sage butter. I ate the best empanada ever at Ruben's, and I will make sure to go back there next time I visit NYC. I had the sweetest man make an effort to zest some lemon on my cream cheese/smoked salmon bagel, because I love it that way, and because Murray's Bagels are my new favourites. I had breakfast one day at Le Pain Quotidient, because I needed a homey brekkie, and there it was, with plain yoghurt, berries, soft boiled eggs and peppermint tea. I nearly teared up, it was so perfect.

Have I said it yet? I love NY.


Bill said...

So, how expensive were breakfasts at the Center Of The Known World?

G said...

Well, Bill, I'm not entirely sure I recall. But the figure of $18 popped into my mind.