Thursday, June 21, 2012

June Trip

It was good to be aloft again. I'd love to be able to actually fly, so taking off is always a rush. I haven't flown in five years, as I battled the mystery of vertigo and was cautious about what I put my body through.

To clarify, this isn't about fear of heights, it's about a nauseating lack of balance and chronic dizziness brought about by a chiropractic adjustment.

But, it seems to be in remission, and I have felt relief for about five weeks now. I was eager to try flying again, having been assured that my vestibular function was intact. What isn't intact is how my brain reads certain sensations, so I didn't tell anyone how truly scared shitless I was about this first flight, which I was taking alone, as I wanted it. But... it went well! I'm so relieved.

New York was as wonderful as ever. I looked up, I ate, I shopped, I walked, I luxuriated in excellent theatre... I crossed Delancey. A heap of posts will follow about some of what I did, but certainly not all of it. I'm also covering the balance of the week, which I spent in Montreal. Hope you like lots of photographs! To keep you intrigued, a certain bat makes an appearance... or two.

(As we took off from Toronto's little downtown Billy Bishop airport, I saw my home. Awww!)



Zuzana said...

How exciting with a trip.;) I am too not fond of flying, but due to a quite different reason.;)
Looking forward to see Bruce again.;)

G said...

Thank you, Zuzana. Oh, there's plenty of Bruce. He gets two whole posts to himself!