Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thank you, Herren Bach and Quasthoff

I updated my post about the visit to Montreal, to include the entire repertoire of the last night of the vocal competition.

And, in memory of that, have been listening to the sublime Thomas Quasthoff singing from The St. Matthew Passion. I'm sorry that such a brilliant singer has had to retire. He has battled ill health since birth, but has handled his challenges with great grace. Born only five years before me, his mother was prescribed Thalidomide. My mother told me recently that her doctor prescribed it to her while pregnant with me, but instinct told her to take nothing when she was expecting me, not even an aspirin. How grateful am I?


Joseph of Arimathea has claimed Jesus's body and prepares to place it in the tomb.

Mache dich, mein Herze, rein,
Ich will Jesum selbst begraben.
Denn er soll nunmehr in mir
Für und für
Seine süße Ruhe haben.
Welt, geh aus, laß Jesum ein!

Make thyself, my heart, now pure,
I myself would Jesus bury.
For he shall henceforth in me
More and more
Find in sweet repose his dwelling.
World, depart, let Jesus in!

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