Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fat Evening

It was a fat evening, the first night of my 24-day vacation.

The solstice has passed, but even as the days shorten, I welcome July, with all its heat and sunshine. Deep summer has me veering between cravings for spicy food, and what I term my biblical foods: pistachios, figs, dates, etc.

My bedroom has evolved in its look, less Persian boudoir now, but it still bears the copper pots, the Bedouin rifle, the hookah, etc. I delighted in watching the sun set, making beautiful patterns on my bedroom walls. The new lamp, which holds candles, gave an exotic glow as darkness descended. I ate pistachios and figs for supper... in bed. The next morning I woke just before dawn, but there are no photographs. There's a time for taking pictures, and a time for not taking pictures.

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