Monday, July 2, 2012

Mad Men

Time flies and I never blogged about the final part of the Mad Men season. The third-last and second-last episodes were brilliant. In the first, it was all about the women and the price they might choose to pay to get where they want to be.


Peggy was wooed by another agency for a particlar sum of money. The final scene where she tells Don she's leaving was so well done. The writing, the acting... I think this is one they'll be playing at next year's Emmys. Don, in turn resentful, cruel, respectful, loses his protégé. Peggy knows it's time for her to move on. That can be such a difficult decision to make (I know!). I liked her smile at the last moment. Meghan was asked to parade her figure in an audition for a play, in a manner that made her uncomfortable. And then there was Joanie. Oh Joanie. She basically prostituted herself to help the agency get a client, and to get herself a partnership. I don't sit in judgement, but dread for her what will come. Do you think Pete Campbell's never going to use that against her? Every other partner knows what she did, and, as much respect as she naturally wields, it's disturbing how undisturbed they were about what transpired.

In the second-last episode we had the death of Lane. The internet had been a-buzz with what was dubbed the Mad Men Death Watch. References and hints to death were bringing us closer to something, and this seemed to be the only continuum, the only arc, in the entire season. I thought Lane had to die... his tragic pride, his background, his powerful neuroses, his gift for self sabotage... all had me convinced that he would be the one to die and that he would take his own life. I liked Lane a lot.

The last episode felt a bit anti-climactic. I was moved by Pete's verbalization of his issues, as he perceives them. I was relieved to see Peggy again. Truly, if Peggy disappeared, so would I. Her journey is the most interesting of the series, and, as a smart woman, she is living through a fascinating time. I don't always like Peggy, but I would love to know where she ends up. Where would Peggy be right now?

What do you think?

And now... we wait for Walking Dead to return. Eek!


Bill said...

I watched a bit of season 1 but gave up on the show ... I've never been a fan of soap operas. The hype recalls the days of Peyton Place.

G said...

I think it leaves Peyton Place in the dust. There are some episodes that are like Sherlock in that regard, almost like small, perfect movies. Well, as you can tell, I'm a fan. :)

Bill said...

We were talking about tv and movies and realized we've more or less stopped watching both. Perhaps its age or the repetition of plots, etc. but I'm finding no motivation to tune in anymore.

G said...

Well, I'm putting up a post in a couple of days of recent movie watching. Like most things, you have to sift through some drek to find the gold. But... as much as I'm a big old movie buff, there's so much more to life other than movies and tv, the latter especially. Happy July 4th to you and yours!

Bill said...

Fireworks are banned in our area but the booms right now are sounding like a war! We celebrated with salmonburgers and corn on the cob...