Saturday, July 21, 2012


There's no television at the cottage and, two laptops in tow, we still avoid watching movies or anything else related that might remind us of the real world. But there's a lot of music. And usually Backgammon.

But this time it was Scrabble. A LOT of Scrabble.

We spelt out "QUID", "QUIT", and "QUIZ", but no-one got to spell out "QUIM" which always makes a game worth playing, in my coarse opinion.


What in Sam Hill..?!

 I had these tiles, but... DIDN'T GET TO USE THEM BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE PUT THEIR FLAMING WORD IN BEFORE MINE AND THE OPPORTUNITY WAS GONE. But, I'm pretty sure I won that round. Heh heh... Did you know that if you can spell out one word using all seven tiles, you get a 50 point bonus? I did in a later game, with "NOXIOUS."

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