Monday, August 27, 2012

I ate Pizza off my Chest

I ate pizza off my chest...

Not really, but I did catch up on, over a few days, a glut of what I suppose can be called guy films.

The Hangover (2009), Stepbrothers (2008) and Mama's Boy (2007), all, to one extent or another, had me laughing out loud. The scene in Stepbrothers where Dale (John C. Reilly) puts forth to his father, Robert (Richard Jenkins) the outlandish possibility of his new step-mother coming onto him, is worth the price of admission alone. Believe me on this one. These are great actors.

Dale: Suppose Nancy sees me coming out of the shower and decides to come on to me. I'm looking good, got a luscious v of hair going through my chest pubes down to my ball fro. She takes one look at me and goes " Oh my god, I've had the old bull now I want the young calf" and she grabs me by the weiner -

Dr. Robert Doback: Shut the fuck up!

And let me say, Bradley Cooper has the best eyes in the business.

I ate chocolate and cried...
Actually I didn't do this either, but I did a bit of drooling over the lads as I then proceeded to catch up on some chick flicks.

Ella Enchanted (2004), Becoming Jane (2007) and The Truth About Cats and Dogs (1996) took me by surprise. First of all, Becoming Jane was the first film I've seen Anne Hathaway in, and what a lovely, talented lass she is. Becoming Jane is beautifully shot, romantic, clever, and moving and the romantic interest is James MacAvoy, also in possession of beautiful eyes. I decided to catch up on Ella Enchanted too, in large part because of Mr. CuteyPie Hugh Dancy.

I remember avoiding seeing The Truth About Cats and Dogs when it was first released as I found it insupportable, after I'd seen some clips, that Janeane Garofalo was supposed to be so unattractive compared to Uma Thurman. They certainly made Garofalo look lovely. But of course, that's the point, as I discovered. It wasn't about how lovely she or Uma Thurman was, it was about their own twisted self-perceptions. I was amazed, only knowing Garofalo's caustic stand-up humour, at what a fine actress she is, and how very endearing. There was a moment at the end that took me by surprise. The hero, played by Ben Chaplin, has a line that is almost word-for-word something I have said or thought often. It's my explanation for why looks matter almost nothing to me anymore. And there he was, spouting that very thought.

"Look, you know how someone's appearance can change the longer you know them? How a really attractive person, if you don't like them, can become more and more ugly? Whereas someone you might not even have noticed, that you wouldn't look at more than once, if you love them, can become the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?"

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