Friday, August 24, 2012

Recent Photos: Food and Drink

I visited my parents for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics (they were part barmy, part brilliant, very British), for which my father served cucumber sandwiches and Prosecco... I seem to recall.


 Running into my neighbour, I swapped her an Ontario peach for an Ontario tomato.


I introduced someone to the joys of Soma's Mayan Drink of the Gods... a favourite on this blog.


 Charcuterie at Trattoria Nervosa, another blog favourite.


A barbeque at the home of the Armenians delivered the most incredibly tender ribs, followed by figs from an Armenan market, the tenderest, most succulent, sexy figs ever.

 For Diner en Blanc, I poached salmon in white wine and lemon, served with asparagus baked in phyllo and brushed (before baking) with melted butter, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. Also, a tomato salad of local heirlooms, and then crême fraiche mixed with lemon zest, juice and fresh dill. (No piccie survives of the keylime pie).

It wor` good, it wor.

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