Saturday, September 8, 2012


Summer is still with us, but with those signs that it hasn't long to go. Still-hot days give in to cooler nights, and I have turned my mind to warm-weather food and clothes.

But just now, still, I am in love with the sun and heat and colour all around me. I wear turquoise and eat curry tofu, or salmon, and lots of tomatoes. I walk past Cirque du Soleil's big top on my way to Cherry Beach. And there are always flowers, some out, some in.

I'm lake bound again for another week, starting tomorrow morning. But I worked late tonight and I haven't started packing. My brain is already on vacation and can't make a decision. It's a good dilemma.


phil said...

Ahoy! How be you? That's all on me mind, me beauty.

G said...

Yarrr... tis a fine thing to be a-hearin' from ye, Dreade Pirate Phil!