Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cottage: Grateful for the Week that Was

~ Stargazing at last. In the summer there are too many mosquitoes at night. But not in September. So we lay on the dock, cushions below, a blanket of stars above (some shooting)... the Milky Way... the call of the loon. I didn't find Corona Borealis this time

~ Deer on the lawn, darting away, their lovely white bottoms bouncing

~ Campfires; poking at the fire; cooking food on the fire, sometimes... in the fire

~ Warm, sometimes hot days, hot enough to swim... just. Cool, sometimes cold nights under duvets... heaven.

~ Heart-stopping sunsets, with Vs of geese flying across them, honking... straight out of central casting

~ Writing the tandem tale: four nutjobs trying to manouveur one story, like four hands on a pen, all pulling it in different directions across the page. Vampires, opera directors, fjords and sex. A potent combination. An excerpt:

"Licking her pale lips, she relished the thought of feeding once more. The sun had set over Cadiz. She pushed the lid of the coffin open, and raised herself up, as beautiful as she had been that first night on the water in the frigid fjord. Stepping across the carpet-lined crypt, she pushed at the lid of another magnificent coffin. It revealed the craggy profile and powerful form of… Captain Kurt Johanssen."

~ Thanks again, fellow nutjobs, for the company, the amazing food, and the many laughs!

And, of course, photographs will follow. Hope you hang in there!

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