Thursday, September 27, 2012


When I was eight, my father did two things. He went down on his knees and begged me never to smoke. He really did. He made me promise as he knelt in front of me. It had the required impact. I was amazed at my father's zeal, and I made that promise, and I never smoked even when tempted. I just remembered. It was a clever parental move. He never smoked much and then it was a pipe, and he quit decades ago.

That same year he also taught me how to tie a tie, in case I ever had to for my husband when I grew up and got married. Pfff.

Today, I tied a bowtie.

Now, I really feel all growed up.

I might even be ready to get married. Pfff.


Bill said...

Everyone should know how to tie a bowline .... whoops you said bow tie. Never mind.

G said...

Bill: That's sailing speak, right? Arrrrr...