Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Took a Little Refreshment. I Don't Remember Much After That

I ended up checking on some old posts I'd written, and found this reply I wrote in the comments section to a comment that a certain Dr. M. left on my blog. It still cracks me up. It's true. It started when I dined at the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Well, when I was in Vegas, I indulged in the "Warp Core Breach", described thusly in the Quark's menu (which I bought a copy of):

"Red Alert! Order this drink and prepare to separate your saucer section [I read this as saucy section]! Sensors indicate Bacardi Lemon, Bacardi Light, Bacardi Select, Bacardi Spice, Bacardi 151, Razzmatazz, and So-Be Power Drink. We add pure ice crystals from the planet Exo III. You'll need more than one officer to handle this situation."

It came in a round large fishbowl kind of container, spilling over with what looked like dry ice. Yes, it was very strong. It was only after this that I had the incident at the gas station on the Strip, when I temporarily forgot how to pump gas into the rental car and had to ask two gentlemen to help me, explaining that "I'm from Canada and the gas pumps are different up there." They were delighted to help and especially after I informed them where Canada was located. "Oh it's north of here, right?"

Right, neighbours, we're north of you.

I love you crazy Americans. Hey! Don't forget to vote! (Gobama)


Bill said...

Seems you were fueled enough that stopping for petrol was redundant.

And, our votes were mailed in several days ago.

G said...

Well done, Bill. To clarify, I wasn't driving while under the influence... well, not under the influence of the Warp Core Breach anyway.