Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Eclectic, Yes?

I'm burning the candle at both ends more than usual at this time of year. But tonight I'm up late, wired by a completely satisfying night at the theatre.

As I muck about on my blog, I was amused to see this month's search terms... those very eclectic phrases typed in to Google, or whatever, that brought readers here.

From most to least popular, they are...

~ silvana mangano hairy
~ elgin theatre box seats   
~ indy car ginger bread house
~ anatomically correct gingerbread people
~ cranbrook campus
~ glass ornament chocolate bar
~ incessant
~ bald eagle with babies


Zuzana said...

Happy December dear G, love your new very simple header.;)
Very amusing phrases, I too love to check out that search from time to time.;)

Grds09 said...

Hi, I reached here googling advent candle :P Where did you get your candle from? I brought a few when I was in europe and now am down to the last one. I haven't found any nice ones (the thick candles) where the price is not insane.

G said...

Zuzana: Thank you and I hope you and your lovely family have a wonderful Christmas... and a very happy 2013!

Grds09: I've lost the URL of the company I was buying them from, but will try and find it again.