Friday, September 28, 2012

Cottage: Black and White Shots

Some extra cottage week shots. The one obviously not taken by me was taken by ace boy photographer, M.

Cottage: Views

Cottage: Fire

Cottage: After the Rain

Eight days of heavenly sunshine, but one day it rained. This was welcome. We needed a break from the impetus to be outside. So, we made chicken soup, I played with wire and made a gold dragonfly. We read, listened to music, worked on the crazy tandem tale. And after it stopped, late afternoon, we walked back to the Oak Lake Trail. It was fresh and lovely.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


When I was eight, my father did two things. He went down on his knees and begged me never to smoke. He really did. He made me promise as he knelt in front of me. It had the required impact. I was amazed at my father's zeal, and I made that promise, and I never smoked even when tempted. I just remembered. It was a clever parental move. He never smoked much and then it was a pipe, and he quit decades ago.

That same year he also taught me how to tie a tie, in case I ever had to for my husband when I grew up and got married. Pfff.

Today, I tied a bowtie.

Now, I really feel all growed up.

I might even be ready to get married. Pfff.

Cottage: Food

Well, you know when four good cooks get together, the food is going to rock. Dear M did most of the cooking this time, including a killer coq au vin. Gor blimey, we did well, and much of the food was eaten outside, on a higher part of the property, overlooking the bay. I made the necessary pecan cookies and, one morning, fluffy lemon pancakes. The big scone and the toast for the yummy eggs were from this blog's favourite bakery, Apsley Country Bakery.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cottage: Oak Lake Trail

It's my favourite place. I reiterated to that when I die, I want my ashes scattered here. I hope you don't find that morbid. I don't. I will die, and this is where I want my ashes to go. To feed those trees. Those are the instructions... for now, at least.

We brought a picnic. M built stone sculptures. I hugged trees.