Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trees, Sun, Sky = Perfect

The clocks shifted and I woke to a welcoming Sunday. The walk went longer than I had intended, 10 kilometres in all, along the Martin Goodman Trail. The sky was blustery at first, then calm and grey, bathing everything in a misty monochrome. It turned a vivid blue later and the sun felt good on my upturned face. Like a pit pony emerging from the mine, I sat in its direct rays, upon a large flat rock, for a long time.

As usual there was beauty to be found in the grey, in the blue, in the vibrant red dogwood and its furry branches. And, yes, a tree was hugged. For those of you who haven't tried it, I can't guarantee you will experience the same sensation as I do. But what I feel is a connection to the world, and a powerful presence that drains me of anxiety and makes me feel safe. Perhaps it's God or perhaps it's Gaia or perhaps the spirit of that particular tree, or perhaps I'm just mad... in which case, I'm happy to be so.


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