Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Another BPG Stream of Conciousness

(Let's not even get into music or fashion or politics... my latest example of seriouslybehindthetimesitis is... Downton Abbey.

I watched the first episode when the series premiered, decided I didn't like it, and that was that. Flash forward three years and everyone I know with at least half a brain loves this show. Finally I was convinced by a certain friend to give it a shot. And did we ever. Three of us gathered for the first of at least three marathon catch up sessions. We gathered at 6 p.m. at my place and blasted through season one, ending the evening at about 1:30 a.m. And my thoughts went a little like this...)


OMG! What a cast! I had no idea. I love the earl, he was such a bastard in Daniel Deronda... mmmm lovely eyes. Lady Cora... [inhale] how long was it since She's Having a Baby? Ordinary People? I loved her clogs in that. Another gin and tonic? I feel old! Her eyes are so blue. God. Mary! Oh! OMG Maggie Smith. What a cast. Did I say that? I love these chips. Okay, no-one said that in 1912. Did I remember to record Mr. Selfridge? OK NO-ONE SAID THAT IN 1912. Okay, I'll stop saying that. Hahahahaha. I have to write that down. Oh, repeat this bit. Pause it while I get the pasta on. Beautiful horse. Pamuk! Whoa Pamuk! Oh God, play that bit again when Mary first sees him. Ha! MARY! OMG. Wow. Mrs. Miniver. Awwwww. I'll get dessert. Thomas and O'Brien you bloody bastards I hope you get it right up the hooter. Wow. I'm pretty sure no-one said that in 1913. Awww William. Uh oh. God, what a car. Wait, how is it now 1914? Oh, Mrs. Patmore! OMG. ARGH!!!! O'Brien! EDITH!!! bitch bitch bitch! O. M. G. Mary. ooooooo


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