Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tea's Hot!

Anyone who knows me in person knows I'm a bit of a tea fusspot. Years ago I would make my own blend of Earl Grey and Assam. Then it was Earl Grey and English Breakfast. Then caffeine had to go so it was chamomile. Then it was rooiboss. Then peppermint, and I went off chamomile big time. Now it's rooiboss again. Blimey. I don't like to be a bother, so I've taken to carrying around my own bags so that no-one need worry about it. Even restaurants seem relieved.

Further to that is the quest for the right teapot. I'm so excited about my recent purchase from Rock Pond Pottery on their Etsy site. The pot in question is supposed to be drip resistant, and it has not dripped once! A built in strainer captures larger-leaved teas (like my lovely lemon balm, oh, yes, I didn't mention that). A clever ergonomic handle with separate thumb rest means that a full pot is not a problem to lift, even if the handle gets wet. The lid is designed to not fall out when the pot is tilted, and the lavendery/goldy colour quite literally calms me. I love its round sauciness. This pot has personality.

I HEART my new teapot! Here's a cuppa to many happy years. Only problem is... I have my eye on another one from the same site. Hee hee!

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