Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Pantry Items

Summer salads? You're about to be bathed and moisturized most indulgently. A recent gift bag included the organic Monasterio olive oil, from Navarra. I won't be cooking with it... it will be eked out with great pleasure as is. Olive & Olives, from which the gift bag was purchased, has a website, which describes the oil like this:

Produced by the masters of Hacienda Queiles, Monasterio ... is a blend of arbequina and arroniz olives which are a local variety. This olive oil is produced for the Monastery of ''Cistercience de Tulebras" and the result of hard work between the Mother Superior and the producers of Hacienda Queiles. 

It's very smooth and almost creamy.

The balsamic vinegar, Leonardi Oro Nobile, is from Modena, and is also delicate... the first vinegar I've actively liked, and I'm being active with it! It has a touch of sweetness which renders the temptation to add a drop of maple syrup or honey to my salad dressing unnecessary.

The gifter, knowing me well, included the chocolate pearls. Seriously. Drool cup. STAT. Thank you!

My treasure box (gift from Barbara) has been emptied, the contents are now well sealed in the fridge (moisture and chocolate don't mix well). Until the fall, there will be less chocolate consumption. It just never seems like something I want to eat in the summer. Oh, unless it's in frozen, creamy form. Heh heh.

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