Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Junction

Three friends hit the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto's west end. First and most importantly was a return visit to A Changing Nest. This delightful consignment store is a treasure trove of irresistible items for your home. I hadn't got a few feet before I saw... the vase. A Grueby-style vase by, I have theorized from looking at the bottom, The Arts & Clay Company in Woodstock, NY. It came home with me, along with some other smaller items, but not the cat. Isn't he/she adorable? What a sweet expression. If you visit A Changing Room, be sure to visit the Potting Shed, which is an extra building on the property, full of lovely cottagey items. Grrr, can't wait to get back there!

More fun shops (including a furniture purchase by one of my friends) and then we headed off to dinner at Queen Margherita Pizza at its Baby Point location. I can't link to the site as my computer's security is telling me the site is dangerous. Such good food. Appetizers were a creamy polenta with a rich, meaty sauce, and fried zucchini with shrimp. Yum. The pizzas were excellent and the panna cotta was lightly milky and a perfect sweet finisher. The building is a former bank and has a great atmosphere, very family-friendly. But does the sound ever echo! So if you're looking for quiet, romantic dinner, I'd give this a miss. If it's a noisy outting with friends, definitely go. The food is so worth it.



Betsy Brock said...

My kind of day....good shopping...good food. I can almost smell that pizza at it's breakfast time. I'd still eat it...along with that egg. ha.

Betsy Brock said...

wait...that's not an egg! But I still want it! ha.

G said...

I know what you mean though, it looks like an egg. It's panna cotta, which is an Italian dessert made of cream, milk, sugar and gelatine, gently simmered. Deeelish. :)