Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Two Things I Don't do Often but Love When I do

1. Go to baseball games
2. Drink beer

I drank beer at a work event. Then I drank more beer at the game.

Here are four reasons I love attending live baseball games:

1. It's a beautiful sport.
2. It's redolent of long summer evenings, and conducive to talking and relaxing while watching
3. You can eat and drink all through it.
4. There is always something new to learn.

But there are four reasons I don't do it more often:

1. Arriving and leaving the Rogers Centre (formerly and always in my heart known as the SkyDome) is horrible. The hallways resemble maximum security prisons.
2. Concession tactics mean the only water available is Dasani, which is vile. And you can't bring your own water. So it's alcohol or soda. Pffff. Alcohol please.
3.  Players now wearing long pants. What happened to the long socks and short, TIGHT breeches? I used to love watching the pitcher, weight on one leg, standing there like a David. Sigh. Those were good times.
4. Plastic grass.

By the way, at last Friday's game, which is the one I attended, the Jays beat the Texas Rangers Wankers 6 to 1.

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