Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Top images, left to right:

Wild boar bolognese at my 'hood's The Hot House. More delicious each time.

Spinach and feta pie chez the Armenians. A sinfully addictive wheel of doom.

Bottom images, left to right:

Omelette devoured on the patio of Le Papillon on Front Street. Deeeeelishus.

And "G" isn't just for "gorgeous" or "great" or "BPG", it's also for gelato as in G for Gelato and Espresso Bar which is a family-run business that's been in the gelato business since the 1950s in Italy, and more recently in Toronto. The location is wonderful, on Jarvis just across from St. James gardens, and a five minute walk north of the St. Lawrence market. On a hot day, this double scoop featured a fragrant "Pistachio" (with whole nuts in the mixture) and "London Fog," a soft, creamy and not too sweet mixture of Earl Grey and vanilla. Oh boy!

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